7 Mouthwatering Pakistani Recipes in Urdu

7 Mouthwatering Pakistani Recipes in Urdu

Some Top Pakistani Recipes

Pakistani food is mostly very spicy and tasty as well. It includes both oily foods, oven-cooked, steamed and roasted recipes. Let’s explore what we have in Pakistani recipes which are unlimited and include beef, mutton, chicken, fish, rice, fruits, dry nuts, vegetables, and aliz olive oil.

Ground Beef Recipe

Pakistanis use ground beef for making kebabs, sandwiches, and pizza. Most of the Pakistani food includes ground beef and vegetables. The fried ground beef with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and yogurt is also very tasty recipe.

We have jali kebab, seekh kebab, chapli and shami kebab, as well as ground beef with potatoes, and ladyfingers stuffed with ground beef, and much more.

Roast Beef Recipe

The roast beef in aliz olive oil is also very popular and delicious having common ingredients such as like ginger garlic paste, yogurt, hot spices, and sauces the cook uses according to the desired taste.

Both large and small steaks are good for roasting but marinate the beef well. You can roast it in oil, oven, or on coals.

Chapli Kebab Recipe

 It is a specialty of Pakistan, especially of Peshawar. The original taste of chapli kebab is yummier than the modern styles. It is rich in spices like hot spices, green chilies, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, pomegranate seeds, and fresh beef.  People love to have them with, chapatti, salad, Nan or rice.

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

Chicken jalfrezi is not a purely Pakistani food but still we make it a lot in a desi style. We should eat it with chapatti, naan or rice. An ordinary chicken becomes yummy in this recipe.

It includes spices, eggs, chicken cubes, chilies and tomatoes sauce and green chilies. It involves stir frying with aliz olive oil.

Chicken Karahi Recipe

It is also very common and available in every area of Pakistan. People eat it with chapatti, Nan, and rice. The juicy chicken and spices make it so yummy and mouthwatering.

It is very nutritious and full of taste; especially, the green chilies make it sizzling. Generally the coo- made karahi is expensive, so make it at home to save money and to serve more people.

Haleem Recipe

Haleem is another specialty of Pakistani recipes and we make it with chicken, mutton, or beef but chicken haleem is common due to its cost. We mostly eat it with chapatti, Nan, or rice, or without anything. Haleem becomes tasty due to onions, lemon, and ginger or green chilies.

Shami Kebab Recipe

This is the most common homemade dish like haleem and we use ground beef for this purpose. You need fresh meat, spices, and grains to make shami kebabs.

It is a fried food so it has more calories, but you should cook it in aliz olive oil that helps reduce weight. You would enjoy it with pulao, biryani, or with any gravy, or chappati.

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