7 Mind Blowing Cake Recipes

7 Mind Blowing Cake Recipes

We all love cakes and either buy them from a bakery shop or make them at home. There are different types of cakes like sponge cake, fruit cake, fondant, chocolate cake, ice cream cake, and all of them are available in different flavors.

The cake recipes include both baked cakes and those which don’t need baking, like cheesecake. Cakes are either small or large starting from 1pound to several pounds and their prices also vary.

By using all ingredients with the right quantities and by following the right temperature, you can make cakes like a pro.

Sponge Cake: A sponge cake is just a simple and plain cake without any additional components like fruits, chocolate, or dressing, etc. You just need flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, a little milk, essence, and sometimes the food color to make sponge cake.

This cake is also widely used for making the layered cakes, like black forest cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and so on.

Fruit Cake: This cake is either simple like a mixture of dried fruits and flour, and it is available on bakeries and many grocery stores. But, there is also a huge variety of delicious cakes with strawberry sauce and whole strawberries, banana cake, mango cake, pineapple cake, and the list goes on.

Fresh cream pineapple cake is very common. Chefs also decorate cakes with strawberry, dry fruit, pineapple, cherries, and so on.

Chocolate Cake: This cake has an unlimited variety compared to other cake types. It is either full of chocolate or a combination of chocolate, fruits, and white cream.

Its topping can also be the chocolate sauce, fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, and chocolate bars etc. It includes both fresh cream and fondant.

Ice Cream Cake: This is a popular type that involves plain cake and ice cream so it needs a certain temperate to store it. This is available in many flavors like strawberry, pineapple, mocha, coffee, mango, chocolate, banana, coconut, and so on. This is expensive than a regular cake.

Vegetable cake: It mostly has carrot cake and most of the chefs make it with brown sugar so it has less calories. This has no fat toppings like cream or cheese because the purpose is to have a low-Cal cake for those who want to maintain their weight.

Some cooks also use oil instead of butter to make it fatless. In fact, you can choose to use aliz olive oil for all cake recipes instead of butter.

Bake-Free Cake Recipe: All cake recipes depend on the oven but different cooks have developed cake recipes which don’t involve baking as in cheesecake.

You need cookies crust and cheese along with butter, a little sugar, and sour cream to make cheesecake. You have to put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until it gets hard and ready to eat.

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