Stuffed Beef Recipes By Aliz Foods

Stuffed Beef Recipes By Aliz Foods

Tasty Stuffed Beef Recipes

A variety of stuffed beef recipes are available online on various websites. In fact, you will find famous cooks’ videos about stuffed beef either on YouTube or on Cooking Website.

Some recipes include large pieces of beef stuffed with vegetables and lemon along with salt and chilies. In certain countries, the cook stuffs the beef with rice, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Stuffing the ground beef with vegetables or eggs is also another creation. You can also make stuffed kofta with minced beef. Whatever method you use, make sure the beef is fresh and it gets tender fast because the hard beef will cause indigestion.

Stuff beef is either made through grilling or by deep frying or a slight roasting. My stuffed beef recipes are always oil-based because I trust this oil as I get nutrition from it.

The company makes Aliz olive oil with fresh olives and it has two tastes like Pomace and extra virgin. You can easily buy olive oil online before you plan to make any type of stuffed beef.

Also, make sure to use fresh vegetables for stuffing so you can take full benefit of all foods.

Too Tasty Stuffed Beef Recipes

Stuffed Beef Rolls

Preparation Time: 10 to 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

3 to 6 servings

What to Add?

Roll Patti: 6

Small Pieces of Beef: 225 gram

Salt and Green Chilies to taste

Onion, cut into small pieces: 1

Cabbage: ¼ cup

Cheddar Cheese: ¼ cup

Vegetable or Olive Oil: 2 cups

Chili garlic sauce or Tomato Sauce: 300 gram

Ground Beef Recipe

Preparing Stuffed Beef Rolls

First, boil the beef with salt and pepper and a little vinegar as per taste. After boiling, remove the beef from the stove and let it dry. Mix boiled beef with other ingredients, like onion, cabbage, green chilies, and cheddar cheese.

Take roll Patti and pour some mixture over it, then wrap it up making a roll. Fold both ends of the role inside. Repeat this procedure with all rolls. Take a pan, pour oil into the pan, and heat it up at high flame, and then deep fry all rolls.

Once the rolls get brown, they are ready, so take them out in a dish, pat with pepper towel, and serve with any sauce you like.

Tip:  The readily available roll Patti will save your cooking time. But, you can also make your own roll Patti at home.

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