Amazing Jali Kabab Recipe By Aliz Foods

Amazing Jali Kabab Recipe By Aliz Foods

Amazing Jali Kabab Recipe

Everybody loves kababs which are available in various types on different places. Most of the kababs in eastern countries are made with beef, but chicken and fish kababs are also favorites of several people.

Since beef is cheaper than mutton, so people use it for making kababs because they can have a large quantity.

If you are aware of jali kabab recipe, you would also know how easy is it to make it in Aliz olive oil that makes kababs better in taste than other oils. You need minced meet to make these kababs with an outer layer resembling a jali or net.

You can make these kababs in just 30 to 40 minutes depending on the quantity. You need an egg to finally coat the patties with it and deep fry in Aliz olive oil which is a perfect choice for overheating. 

You need all eastern spices to make jali kabab recipe. I love the taste of hot spices because I believe that kababs cannot be completed without them.

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People marinate them with different ingredients and it’s up to you if you want them light or want a sizzling taste with chilies or spices. You can eat these kababs with tea, with pulao or biryani, with chappati, or just with any sauce along with a cold drink.

jali kabab recipe


  • 250 gram of raw keema

  • 1 piece of bread, soaked

  • Fried onion 3 tbl spoon

  • Ginger paste 1 teaspoon

  • Garlic paste half tea spoon

  • Raw Papaya paste 1 tea spoon

    ( optional)

  • Red chili powder 1/4 th tea spoon

  • Special Kabab Masala 1 tea spoon

    ( dry roast cumin , whole coriander , red chili , allspice/ kababchini

    ( optional), black peeper , cloves , fennel , mace and nutmeg together and grind them into a smooth powder )

  • Nutmeg powder a pinch

  • Chopped mint or pudina 1 tbl spoon

  • Chopped cilantro 1 tbl spoon

  • Chopped green chili

  • 1 beaten egg

  • Salt to taste

  • For coating and frying:

  • 2 eggs mixed with water Bread crumbs

  • kisan sunflower cooking Oil


  • 1. Mix all the ingredients together other than the ingredients mentioned for coating and frying.

  • 2. Shape them and keep them in the refrigerator for half an hour. That would make the kabab firm.

  • 3. Dip the kabab into egg , then coat them lightly with bread crumbs and then again dip them into the egg and deep fry .

    Take some egg mixture in your hand and lightly sprinkle them in circular motion into the oil to create that net affect .

  • Serve hot with Biriyani or Pulao!!!!!!!!!!

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