Best Spanish Olive Oil in Pakistan

Best Spanish Olive Oil in Pakistan

All of us are aware of the humongous benefits of olive oil so while going to market we struggle to find the oil good for health and better in taste. The best option out of all is buying olive oil as it is the healthiest option you have.

Adding in your information, olive oil is not of a single type, but there are different types of it as well. One of them is Spanish olive oil that is considered best olive oil for cooking, made in and exported from Spain to all the other countries.

Spain is one of the biggest exporters of extra virgin olive oil to different countries around the globe including Pakistan. You may buy Spanish olive oil online or purchase olive oil in Sialkot, or buy olive oil in Faisalabad, or buy olive oil in Karachi, wherever you live in from the market at different rates.

Spanish olive oil is harvested from the trees and this time of harvesting affects the flavour of olive oil. The reason is that olive oil is not harvested once but throughout the year.

If the harvesting has been done earlier then the oil will be green, fresh and strong leave a bitter flavour but if olive oil harvested late then it will be mild and buttery with the difference in its taste as well.

So whether you buy olive oil online or from the market, remember the difference in the taste may be because of the time when olives were harvested from the trees.

While looking for best olive oil in cooking you have to look upon certain things especially the labels over the bottle. Checking over the labels will not be an issue because of thanks to Spanish olive oil for using straightforward labels.

There are some most important labels that you should watch out on the olive oil bottles whether you buy it online or whether you buy olive oil in Lahore or you buy olive oil in Faisalabad and other cities. These labels are:

  • Grades. Includes extra virgin, virgin and Ordinary, etc. While looking for them one should go for extra-virgin olive oil buy online or from the market. This is because it provides better taste and quality out of all. There are various markets to buy olive oil in Karachi, to buy olive oil in Multan, to buy olive oil in Gujrat,  and other cities wherever you live.
  • Don’t forget to check out the acidity levels of the oil you buy.
  • Another thing to never forget is the variety of oil. Different varieties or a blend of varieties can be used in any oil. If you want to get yourself a particular variety of olive oil that you prefer then you need to check out the labels.
  • Now if you’re looking for Spanish olive oil, remember not to mix it up with California or other oils. Look for the label of “origin” on the bottle to buy cooking olive oil online or from the market, Aliz Olive oil is the best option.
  • The last thing while buying olive oil is to check out its harvesting time. Whether you buy olive oil in Multan, you buy olive oil in Lahore, you buy olive oil in Islamabad or any city in Pakistan or you buy cooking olive oil online, and you need to check out the harvesting time; focus on the colour of the oil. If it has been harvested earlier the olive oil would be green in colour. And if it has been harvested later you will find a bottle with olive oil gold in colour.

Out of all I recommend Extra virgin olive oil as it is hundred per cent olive oil, with no chemicals or additives added up in it. You will find no defects in its colour as well as the smell with a better taste making it perfect to be used in your recipes.

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