Best Olive Oil Brand in Pakistan

Best Olive Oil Brand in Pakistan

There are several olive oil brands in Pakistan, including the virgin, non-virgin, and pure olive oil. Some famous brands include Aliz and the prices starts from rupees 150 and goes up to rupees 5545. You can find the best olive oil brand in Pakistan by considering certain factors.

Check the Location

Though it is a critical point, you should check it because the location may not always be right.  Most of the locations are on the bottom of the bottle. But if you see it is from Italy, don’t always believe so because it may have the packaging process in Italy and prepared in your country. It depends on the company if it deceives its customers or remains honest.

Check the Harvest Date

The shelf life of olive oil is short so do check the harvest date, especially if you want to use it for cooking. The oil can last for two years, provided you store it properly. However, the flavor reduces with time even if the storage is perfect. An old harvest date means the oil has reduced in taste. Don’t buy olive oil if the harvest date is missing on the label.

Check the Approval Seal

Depending on its origin, the olive oil should come up with an approval seal over it. There are olive oil councils that approve the oil on the basis of its quality. Approved oil always has the right harvest date. The best olive oil brand in Pakistan must have all necessary labels, ensuring the customers that it is genuine. The oil having less than 10 meq/kg free fatty acids is healthy. The list of ingredients should include the amount of free fatty acids and if it is not there, don’t buy the oil.

Is High Polyphenol Content Good?

Yes, the olive oil with a high level of Polyphenol is the ideal oil because it has antioxidants which are good for the heart. The polyphenol content over 500 is high and the best but below 300 shows a low amount and it is not that healthy. But, an excessive high-level of polyphenol makes the oil bitter so consider the taste as well. Also, try to have extra virgin oil if you want to drizzle the oil over food because it tastes good in an un-heating condition unlike other types of oils. You can also use a mild flavor while sprinkling over mozzarella.

Selecting the Price

If you want to use olive oil for cooking, better go for less expensive oil because it loses its nutrients while heating so there is no need to spend more. But, the quality of the oil matters in all cases, so always go for a good quality. The best olive oil brand in Pakistan has a very high-quality. Same way, various brands come up with various prices, so choose the one that is within your budget. Cheap oil is also good for massage and it is easily available in every shop. You can also find the olive oil on a pharmacy. Wherever you go for olive oil, buy it according to your requirements. After considering all the above-mentioned factors, you will have excellent olive oil.

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