White Chicken Recipe

White Chicken Recipe

Are you ready to serve your guest with a white chicken recipe? If yes, then let’s make you teach how to cook it easily and perfectly! Ingredients For Cooking White Chicken recipe in order to cook white chicken recipe perfectly, it is important to, first of al arrange some of the important ingredients that are needed for it. Below we will highlight down the main ingredients that are vital for cooking the recipe of white chicken

• You should have chicken around 1-16 pieces

• You should arrange Green chilies ground as 1 tsp

• You should have ginger garlic paste as about 1 tsp

• Arrange salt about 1 tsp

• You should have cumin in the roasted and crushed form that should be around 1 tsp.

• You should have black pepper in crushed form around 1 tsp.

• Lemon juice has to be around 1 cup.

• All spices to be used should be around 1 tsp.

• Green chilies have to be around 6 in chopped form.

• Ginger Julienne has to be around 2 tbsp.

• Fresh cream ahs to be in 4 tbsp.

• Oil should be around 1 cup

• Yogurt should be around half cup

Step by Step Method to Cook White Chicken Recipe:

• In the starting of the method, first of all you should be heating the oil in the wok and then add the small amount of ginger garlic paste in it. You have to let it get fry for around few of the minutes. You will fry it until and unless it does not turn into the grown brown in color.

• You can, later on, add some chicken pieces and let them get dry for around 5 minutes. You have to, later on, make it add with salt as well as black pepper in crushed form as well as crushed cumin and yogurt too. You have to cook all the ingredients around 15 minutes until and unless the chicken does not get tender

, In the end, you will be adding cream over it and some spice and lemon juice to add flavor

Mix it completely does that the oil start flowing on the top Follow the step by step guideline carefully and cook a delicious chicken white recipe for your guests! All the Best!