Pasta With White Sauce Recipe In Urdu

Pasta With White Sauce Recipe In Urdu
پاسٹا 200گرام -  
پنیر 200گرام -
اٹا لین سوس آدھی پیالی -
چیز سجاوٹ کے لئے 50گرام -
سوس کے لئے: -
پنیر(کترا ہوا) چوتھائی پیالی -
میدہ دو کھانے کے چمچ -
مکھن تین کھانے کے چمچ -
دودھ دو پیالی -
نمک اور کالی مرچ حسب ذائقہ -
ترکیب: -
پانی میں ایک چائے کا چمچ تیل اور ایک چائے کا چمچ نمک ڈال کر پاسٹا ابال لیں۔ پھر کھلے پانی کے نیچے رکھیں اور خشک کر لیں۔ 
سوس تیار کر یں:
بیکنگ ڈش میں ایک تہہ آدھے اٹا لین سوس کی لگائیں اور اس کے اوپر آدھا پاسٹا اور آدھا پنیر کی تہہ دیں۔ سفید سوس سے کور کریں۔ یہی عمل دوبارہ دو ہرائیں۔ گرم اوون میں 30منٹ کے لئے بیک کر یں۔ 


You Will Never Forget These Pasta Recipes

Pasta is available in almost every country, including Pakistan. We have a variety of pasta recipes, including Chinese pasta recipes, Pakistani pasta recipes, Mexican, Mediterranean, and many others.

Pasta goes well with vegetables, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, and other foods. Let’s have a look at some popular foods that have pasta along with other ingredients.

Italian Pasta Recipes: Italians make pasta in different ways and most of them have cheese.

The recipes include chicken and Italian sauces with seasonings. You will see a tinge of butter instead of oil along with light spices. Italians also add pasta to salads. Pasta casseroles with oven cooking are also common in many areas.

Chinese Pasta Recipes: Chinese pasta cannot be complete without soya sauce, Ajinomoto, oyster sauce, and garlic chilies sauce, etc. Chines pasta goes through stir-frying, so it is not heavy like our oily foods.

Chicken Chow Mein is the most popular Chinese pasta, but Chinese cooks also create other past recipes with egg noodles and macaroni. Some soups also have pasta in the form of noodles.

Chefs serve pasta with chicken shashlik, chicken Manchurian, black pepper chicken, and other foods. Many pasta recipes in Urdu are available on YouTube and on the recipe websites.

Mexican Pasta Recipes: The Mexican pasta is spicier than Italian or Chinese because the cooks use red chili flakes and green chilies and Chile sauce as well. You can make Mexican food at home and can serve it with any supporting Mexican gravy or fish.

Pakistani Pasta Recipes: In Pakistan, spaghetti, macaroni, and egg noodles are common. We make it in chicken or ground beef as well and serve pasta recipes with some gravy, sauce or cheese. We also add pasta to the salads along with soya sauce and raw vegetables.

Tomato ketchup, soya sauce, chines salt, black pepper, white pepper, chili sauce, all are common spices that we add while making different pasta recipes. Many cooks make pasta recipes with ground beef, making it sizzling with hot spices like red chili flakes.


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