Kabuli Pulao Recipe in Urdu

Kabuli Pulao Recipe in Urdu

I love to try new recipes and recently I made my favorite kabuli pulao recipe that contains nuts as well. I always love aliz olive oil because it is tasty, and healthy. Olive oil has healthy fats that help reduce weight.

I normally cook beef in a pressure cooker so it gets cooked in a few minutes. After it gets tender I add rice and nuts to make it yummy. By adding Kebab, salad, and pickle, you can enhance its taste.

Some people love to eat pulao without adding any other food. A cold drink can help you digest the beef. Use clean Beef and spices to stay healthy.

What an Amazing Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Things to Add

Any good quality rice: 1 kg

Boneless beef, cut into medium cubes: 1 kg

Tomatoes: 4 to 5

Sliced onion: 3 to 4

Carrots cut into small pieces: 4 small

Aliz olive oil: 4 tbsp.

Sugar: 1 tbsp.

Salt to taste

Almonds: 20 to 24

Raisins: 2 tbsp.

Walnuts: 5 to 6

Kaju, or cashew: 10 to 12

How To Make

  • Put beef in a pressure cooker with enough water to boil and add ground spices from above ingredients, including the salt. Cook it for 30 minutes.
  • Heat aliz olive oil in a pan and add onions until they get brown. Add tomatoes and beef and fry them together.
  • Add beef stock with a double amount than rice.
  • Put rice, raisins, salt, and ground spice into the beef stock.
  • Let it cook and add nuts when the water gets dry and cook at slow heat for 20 minutes.
    Cut all carrots into small pieces, boil them by adding sugar and leave aside.

Transfer rice in a platter and garnish with carrots and shredded nuts.

Some housewives read kabuli pulao recipe in Urdu because they don’t understand English recipes well. A recipe in Urdu is good for our culture because our language is urdu.

Make pulao a bit spicy because they are healthy and good for the stomach. Every time I visit my friend, she also makes kabulai pulao for me. Those who don’t love beef can add something else, like white chana or mutton.

You would also enjoy the seekh kebab with pulao, especially the BBQ kebab are really tasty. You can keep it for a day after cooking but don’t refrigerate it because it will lose its taste.

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