Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu By Aliz Foods

Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu By Aliz Foods

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Chinese rice is appetizing because of Chinese spices, aliz olive oil, and soya sauce. It takes a few minutes in making this rice, but the preparation takes some time.

The entire process involves stir frying so you can cook it fast. To make the Chinese rice recipe, we need medium grain rice, chopped fried eggs, green and white onions, carrots, peas, bean sprouts, soya sauce, regular salt, and Chinese salt.

You just need to stir fry all ingredients and mix them well by tossing. Some cooks only add eggs whereas some add carrots and peas. In certain countries, the cooks use pork instead of chicken.

Those who don’t understand the ingredients in English should read Chinese rice recipe in Urdu as available on various websites. You would love to prepare it at home, especially when you have guests who love Chinese meals.

Make some gravy to serve with the rice, like chicken shashlik, chicken Manchurian, or some other. If you can’t understand the written recipe, get online, and explore a video of a cook making Chinese rice.

However they are so easy to make at home because all ingredients are easily available in every area. Enjoy it with your family or friends along with a chit chat.

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Things You Need

  • Rice, medium grain, half cooked: 4 cup
  • Boneless chicken, chopped: 8 ounce
  • Aliz olive oil: 3 tbsp.
  • Chopped onion: 1 cup
  • Egg: 1 or 2
  • Salt to taste
  • Ajinomoto
  • Soya sauce: 3drops.
  • Sesame oil: 3 drops.
  • Chopped carrots: ½ cup
  • Peas: ½ cup
  • Chopped green onion: 3 to 4
  • Bean sprouts: 2 cup
  • Light soya sauce: 2 to 3 tbsp.

How To Cook

  1. Heat aliz olive oil in a pan and stir fry onion for 10 minutes till they get brown, then set them aside.
  2. Take eggs and beat them by adding a few drops of soya sauce and sesame oil.
  3. Heat oil in a wok and add egg and fry it until it gets fluffy.
  4. Remove egg from the wok, and cut it into pieces.
  5. Heat aliz olive oil in a wok, add chicken, carrots, peas, and brown onions and stir fry all.
  6. Add green onions, rice, and bean sprouts and stir fry by tossing for 5 minutes.
  7. Add light soya sauce, chopped eggs and fold in the rice and stir fry for another minute

Serve with any chicken shashlik or some other dish.

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