What is Pomace Olive Oil | Benefits & Uses of Pomace Olive Oil?

What is Pomace Olive Oil | Benefits & Uses of Pomace Olive Oil?

If you love to watch cooking shows, you will observe that there is a use of olive oil in cooking everywhere. People who are health conscious are now seriously paying more attention to the use of olive oil. In the earlier time, olive oil was only limited to use for dressing in a salad, but now you will get it at every home.

It has many forms, colours, taste and acidity levels. People have thought that it does not have any health properties, which is not true because uses of pomace olive oil are countable.

This article will be comprehensive and can answer all your quarries.

What is Pomace Olive Oil?

Olive pomace oil is drawn from the olive tree family, and it is considered to be the second best vegetable oil after olive oil other varieties. Pomace olive oil is the best source of oleic acid and a rich source of antioxidants and other nutritional values which are essential and beneficial for health.

The quality of the oil makes it useful to use for fried foods, and it is the best food to make it a precious product for the hospitality and food industry. It gives crispness, crunchiness to food and enhances the taste of food.

How is Pomace Olive Oil Extracted?

Pomace olive oil is produced from ground olive oil pulp remaining after the pressing of extra virgin olive oil. To extract pomace olive oil, pomace oil is treated with some solvent. The oil which we get through this process is not refined and impure and have to get several healing and filleting processes to refine which make the oil to meet the standard. It is later on fix with some portion of extra virgin olive oil and olive oil before it is available for consumers. 

Due to the different process of extractions, Uses of pomace olive oil also vary according to functions. In this case, refined pomace oil may be used to meet daily consumption as compared to crude pomace olive oil is suitable for the dining table.

Features of Pomace Olive Oil:

There are many features of pomace olive oil.

Non-GMO :

Pomace olive oil is usually non-GMO, which makes it an ideal choice for consumption.

Gluten Free:

Another essential aspect of pomace olive oil is that it has a gluten-free element. There are many manufacturing companies who have to confirm that their product is a gluten-free statement of their ingredients.

Cheapest Olive Oil:

Pomace olive oil must be top of your list. If you are looking for a product that should be under your budget. If we compare the price of extra virgin olive oil and pomace oil, then you will see the price difference there.

Uses of Pomace olive oil:

There are many uses of pomace olive oil;

Clean Arteries:

Daily intake of pomace olive oil  helps in cleaning arteries because it contains 80% monounsaturated fat which can help in managing cholesterol. It retains the benefits of olive oil and protects the human body with a high level of oleanolic acids which diminishes the high blood pressure. 

Decrease Cholesterol Level

Pomace olive oil has monounsaturated fat. This will help in lessening cholesterol intake by around 80 per cent. It prevents blood clots from occurring due to high cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of pomace olive oil regulates the blood flow. Plus, it will decrease the symptoms of breast cancer because it will not deposit the fat in arterial walls. 

Pomace Olive Oil for Skin

 Using pomace olive oil has countless benefits. You can use it as a massage oil to make your skin healthy and smooth skin. It is beneficial for dry skin. It nourishes and treats skin more effectively and increases the low of your skin. Use a little amount of olive oil in your skin during bath to rejuvenate and boost the elasticity of skin.

Relieves from allergic symptoms:

If you are suffering from skin allergies, then the use of pomace olive oil can give skin allergies some relief such as eczema, contact dermatitis. Pomace oil works best for allergy medicine for pollen. With regards to all the research, olive oil provides anti-inflammatory effects of the polyphenols which safe skin and fight against allergies brought on by pollen.

Pomace Olive Oil for Hair: 

Pomace olive oil can also be used as a treatment therapy to cure scalp disease. It is the best source to treat hair loss and dry scalp. The best way to use any olive oil is to heat it a little bit and directly apply at the scalp. This will automatically cure the hair loss issue. Get nourished, soft and shiny hair by adding a few drops of pomace olive in conditioners. You will get magic in return.

In the human body, there is a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for hair loss. Pomace olive oil works like the best remedy to hair loss. The best way to treat the hair loss is to warm the oil before applying it in your scalp. It works as a booster for the dry scalp.

Pomace Olive Oil for Cooking

Another prominent benefit of pomace oil is used for cooking. Pomace olive oil has a light   colour as compared to other olive oil in the market. It is the best oil to meet the cooking needs of your kitchen. Cooling in pomace oil is a healthy alternative. It requires high temperature to burn and best for deep frying. Another important property is that it has high oxidative stability which means it does react with oxygen when it is heated. They do not form any harmful compound when heated.

Another fantastic property of Olive oil is that it spreads. A little bit of pomace olive oil is enough for cooking,

Pomace olive oil is versatile and serves the same functions as extra virgin olive oil. It is the best substitute for many crude oils. The oil consists of various nutrients which help the body to stay healthy and fit. The use of pomace olive oil for cooking purposes does not make you fancy. It was once fancy and smart. 

Granted, the exorbitant prices of olive oil, many people are not able to afford it ,but pomace oil is not an issue. You can get all the goodness of olive oil at a reasonable price. It is the best option for a kitchen shelf because it is affordable, useful and meets your daily requirements of life. So for the next time, when you plan to visit the supermarket, just grab a bottle of pomace olive oil.

Pomace Olive Oil Price:


Let’s now discuss the prices of pomace olive oil. The prices of pomace are very according to the brand. In Pakistan, many brands exist who are selling pomace olive oil, but they do not deliver the quality to their customers. Aliz foods is one of the best brands of pomace olive oil. Why is it the best? Because they are delivering pomace olive oil which is extracted, produced and packed in Spain. Aliz Foods know the worth of their customer's satisfaction.

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