11 Amazing Lemon and Ginger Tea Benefits

11 Amazing Lemon and Ginger Tea Benefits

Lemon and Ginger Tea Benefits

There are an unlimited lemon and ginger tea benefits that people are having since ages. Both lemon and ginger are old plants and have unique qualities. You can even make it better by adding honey and a little cinnamon, but it also depends on your taste.

The tea is very relaxing for the body and mind because it has natural components that enhance our immune system. The tea can help you in so many other conditions, so let’s see the top 11 benefits of this tea.

1- Have a Healthy Heart

Our heart controls so many body functions and if it does not work, we will become disabled. The research at the University of Maryland Medical Center reveals that ginger helps eliminate blood clots that will keep the heart arteries open.

When you mix lemon in it, you will further get boost and energy. Ginger being hypotensive decreases the level of lipids lemon and ginger together is good for blood circulation.

2- Prevents Nausea

Both lemon and ginger help in digestion and prevent nausea. But, take ginger in a moderate amount because its excess can do the opposite. You can also get rid of vomiting by using lemon and ginger tea.

Those who go through motion sickness, chemotherapy, or pregnancy can have ginger tea to eliminate nausea. Lemon also has same effects in reducing nausea, but it is better in taste than ginger that is bitter so using them together is more soothing.

3- Rich in Antioxidants

We all know how antioxidants help in having a healthy body, and it is in surplus in lemon. The lemon and ginger tea benefits are also because of the antioxidant quality of Vitamin C that is abundant in lemon.

Vitamin C is excellent for healthy teeth, bones, and it also heals the wounds faster. Ginger, on the other hand, prevents pain and infection. The presence of free radicles destroys the DNA causing cancer, heart issues, and arthritis, but the antioxidants remove these free radicals.

Lemon maintains the level of vitamin C due to its component named bioflavonoids. Every cell of our body needs vitamin C that lemon tea can provide.

4- It Enhances Immunity

We need to have a healthy immune system to prevent diseases or infections. Lemon enhances the immune system because of vitamin C. Ginger also helps cure infection and inflammation so the tea leaves amazing effects on our immune system.

We often catch viruses during winters and get flue or cold, but the lemon ginger tea can protect us so add it to your diet, especially in winters.

lemon & ginger health benefits

5- Help Have a Balanced pH

The tea reduces sugar craving that keeps us healthy because we get alkaline that is essential for our body. The pH level gets disturbed when we take the unhealthy diet low in alkaline so having the lemon ginger tea will maintain the pH level. You can have the tea after a meal or any other time.

6- Enhances Cognitive Functioning

Both lemon and ginger are good for nerves and boost up the mood. By having the tea of lemon and ginger, you can focus more because you get relaxation. 

The lemon and ginger tea benefits also include antioxidants that help reduce stress eventually, the cognitive function will improve.

7- You Will Get Rejuvenation

Lemon ginger tea helps in having fresh skin because it kills the dead cells and brings fresh skin, but you have to take it regularly. The improved immunity also enhances our skin and hair condition.

You will get glowing skin by having lemon with ginger and honey. A rejuvenated body also affects our mind and we think clearly.

8- Have Healthy Hair

You will have long and thick hair by drinking lemon and ginger tea because it enhances skin, so you will have less hair fall and the hair growth will also increase. The key is to have this tea daily at least once a day.

You can also take lemonade without sugar if you don’t like ginger but better have both components to get more benefits. Your nails will also get strong due to a high level of vitamin C that you get from lemon ginger tea.

9- You Will Lose Weight

You can also weight faster by having lemon ginger tea or if you are not obese you can maintain your weight with this tea. Both lemon and ginger increase satiety so your craving for food will decrease.

Lemon burns fat and also maintains the insulin levels so lemon ginger tea will keep you slim.

10- It Reduces Pain

Ginger is highly effective in eliminating arthritis and joint pain that’s why people take ginger tea in winters as cold increases the joint pain. Lemon and ginger have anti-inflammatory qualities, so the tea reduces pain. Have it daily so you can prevent any pain.

The tea is highly effective for women during menstruation because of vitamin C that enhances calcium levels and you get regular periods. The tea also keeps a balance of hormones that further balance the menstruation cycles. Ginger reduces pains that women get during periods.

11- It Gives Energy

When everything will be balanced, you will have more energy. Taking lemon ginger tea with honey will give you more energy than usual. A poor immune system makes us lethargic, but lemon and ginger enhance immunity so we feel active. The high level of vitamin C also keeps us active.

How Much To Have?

The lemon and ginger tea benefits don’t mean that you can take it all day because the excess will cause nausea and if you add honey, the tea will increase the calories rather than reducing body fat. Two cups of lemon ginger tea are enough in a day.

If you want to have more than 2, then use honey only twice. Excess of ginger is not good because it will change the taste in your mouth due to bitterness and will also cause nausea. Too much lemon can also cause some issues so take everything in a moderate way keeping the balance.


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