Merry Christmas to all of the lovely folks out there! Well, while the merriment and joy of Christmas time prevails with a wave of ecstasy, one can never really sense the complete festive feeling of Christmas till you eat some frosted sugar cookies!  I always love to go for the most exotic breakfast cuisine by preparing the most inexpensive food, from the simplest ingredients stored at my home pantry. Sugar frosted cookies are a great delight to serve, at anytime, anywhere and simply, to anyone!

I often bake huge batches, for the late night eats in the garret. All you need is a good electric mixer, a finely kneaded cooking dough that is mixed and rolled well, refrigerated to conform its doughy shape and baked finally. Once baked, I always cool them and place them in little mason jars and label them crisply.

Well, while they cool, the delectable decoration needs to be prepared, as the tiny edible decoration literally intertwines its way into your excited taste buds! Well, take a cute Christmas mug, decked with beautiful fir trees, snowmen and jingle bells and mix up simple ingredients in it vigorously.  Later, they can be put into the microwave and voila! They are ready! I always purchase white icing blended with red and green sprinkles! They taste too good to be true and look adorable and especially, the little folks just adore them as a holiday truffle.


  • 2 tablespoon of Kisan butter oil,
  • 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar,
  • 1 pinch of salt,
  • 2 egg yolks,
  • 6 tablespoons of multipurpose flour,
  • 1 teaspoon of red and green sprinkles.
  • Cooking Instructions:

    • Put the butter in the Christmas mug and soften it at room temperature in the microwave for about half a minute.
    • Add the granulated white sugar and mix together.
    • Now, mix in the egg yolks, thoroughly till a nice frothy mass is made.
    • Stir in flour, salt and sprinkles, until they are blend well.
    • Divide the mixture into small portions and place them between the two mugs.
    • Now, add the topping of red and green sprinkles and cook in the microwave separately for about a minute already. Let the sprinkles settle like little icicles, like glistening stars!
    • Serve with a little buttercream icing on its top, and if you like, you can also add a few chocolate chips and crushed nuts to taste.



    This is a great recipe and it is quite good for the children and the teenage folks too!  The cookies can be cut using sharp biscuit cutters of various enjoyable shapes and sizes, such as gingerbread men, bespangled stars, hearts and a lot more!

    I often serve them during the merry get together parties of occasional events such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween and personal events such as the birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers.

    Have a great New Year’s Day!

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