Buy Olive Oil in Pakistan

Buy Olive Oil in Pakistan

People are more into healthy lifestyle due to an emergence of lots of information available on the internet. If you are looking for olive oil in Pakistan, you must know the types of olive oil available in Pakistan. Due to an increased demand for olive oil, Pakistan has to import it from other countries so a lot of variety is there on various superstores and small shops. Following types of olive oil are available in our country, like

  • Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Pure Olive Oil

 Let’s have a look at them and their benefits.

 Low-Acid Virgin Olive Oil

This is a popular type of olive oil because it has a low amount of acid so people use it for cooking. You will get all the benefits from this oil.

Buy High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 High-Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By naming it extra, the company wants to tell you that you will have the highest form of olive oil. The manufactures cold press the olives to have extra virgin oil.  The process is tough and takes time, besides the health benefits are many so the oil is expensive. Even the extra virgin olive oil has its grades like the one that goes through a mechanical cold -pressing is extra virgin having folic acid below 1%. On the other hand, if the taste becomes superior with the better aroma, the extra virgin oil becomes premium oil that is the best quality and more expensive than the Extra Virgin olive oil in Pakistan.

 What is Pure Olive Oil?

 The third type comes up with a high level of acidic content and it is a combination of virgin oil and refined oil. Normally, people use virgin and extra virgin oil for cooking.

 The Benefits We Get From Olive Oil

Olive is the oldest fruit on the earth which has unlimited benefits. Olives are rich in vitamin E that is a fat-soluble antioxidant essential for good health because it gives strength to an immune system.  With vitamin E rich food, you can cure asthma, premature aging, cancer, osteoarthritis, arthritis and several other diseases. You can beat the old age with olive oil that helps reduce wrinkles whether you eat it or apply on the skin. People also use it as a balm because it moisturizes the skin, making it soft. People with dry skin should apply olive oil on hands and face. Eating olives can also help you get rid of acne and blemishes.

Olives also help cure strokes, high blood pressure, heart issues, and diabetes so you should have it in the salad or in your meals. It is a common practice of using olives on pizzas or in sandwiches. You can also use olive leaves by boiling in water and rinsing your mouth with it because it treats mouth ulcer. The olive leaves’ tea is very effective in treating the high blood pressure. Everybody should use olive oil in Pakistan because now it is available in many organic forms. You can explore various online and local stores to have the oil.

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