17 Amazing Health Benefits of Maca

17 Amazing Health Benefits of Maca

Amazing Health Benefits of Maca

So many herbs are good for our body and mind, including maca which boosts fertility. Another name of maca is Peruvian ginseng because the Peru culture used to have it to deal with the hard climate of the mountains.

The health benefits of Maca also include enhanced energy, more self-esteem, good mood, balanced blood pressure and many others. Since there are 13 types of maca roots having different colors so their effects also vary. Every type of root has its own color red, yellow, and black are popular.

Maca root has a rich quantity of iodine, potassium, calcium, and iron, as well as it has vitamin C, B1, B12, copper, manganese, and zinc. There are 20 fatty acids and 19 amino acids in this herb. There is a high level of choline in red and black maca.

Maca Improves Sex Drive

Sometimes a disease or age factor reduces the sexual desires but you can have maca because it enhances sex drive. A research was conducted on 20 men and women who had 3g of maca every day.

Eight men showed increased sex drive by taking maca extract for two weeks. It also increases the sexual function if you take it consistently for 12 weeks as erection increases in men.

The study also included 14 women with postmenopausal whose sexual dysfunction eliminated by taking maca for 6 weeks. The study showed improvement in the sperms of 9 men who had black maca. The quality of the sperms increased in terms of count and volume.

Maca Helps Reduce Depression

Both depression and anxiety are mental disorders that affect our lives so much that we can’t function well.  Some experts tried maca on rats and saw a difference in their behavior.

In another study, 43 women with menopause took maca for 6 weeks and had less depression or anxiety. The health benefits of maca are not only limited to our body because we also get a healthy mind.

Maca Maintains Blood Pressure

You can control your blood pressure with maca because it helps lower down blood pressure. Women after 40 can take maca supplements if their blood pressure increases. But don’t forget to see your physician if it gets too low because a moderate amount is good.

Maca Boosts Energy

We can’t do anything when we feel tired for any reason. You will feel energetic by drinking maca supplement, especially the red and black maca. A study was conducted on 197 adults who had low energy, but they had black and red maca and improved their energy levels.

Maca Enhances Life

Maca root enhances energy, eventually; it increases the quality of life in terms of health. A study was conducted on 50 adults who lived in mountains, and maca brought positive changes in living

It Helps Treat Arthritis

Maca helps adults deal with arthritis, especially the osteoarthritis that is very painful. The herb reduces pain and the adults feel energetic. Maca also enhances bone density in women with menopause who took it for 4 months.

A study conducted on rats showed that maca reduced the bone loss that often happens because of low estrogen levels.

Maca Reduces Hot Flushes

Maca is very helpful in menopause because it reduces hot flushes, pain, sweating, and irritability that women have to face. A study on 124 women with menopause revealed changes in them.

Black Maca Helps Reduce Oxidative Stress

You can reduce stress with maca as a study conducted on mice showed changes in the stress levels. A study of maca on 50 people also showed lower inflammation who took it regularly.

Maca Helps Balance Sex Hormones in Females

Other health benefits of maca include a balanced sexual drive in women. By taking maca powder for 2 months, women can enhance their estrogen and progesterone levels.

A study on 20 women having menopause also showed a decrease in the follicle and luteinizing stimulating hormones so their sexual drive increases.

Maca Maintains Blood Sugar

You can reduce the blood sugar level by taking maca supplements.  You will get more energy when the blood sugar level is moderate. But, also consult your doctor if you are a chronic patient with diabetes.

Maca Is Good For Athletes

Maca enhances energy and a study on 8 cyclists was done who had 2gram of maca for 2 weeks and became very energetic. Athletes who run a lot can also have this herb for more energy.

Reduces Mountain Sickness

If you feel sickness at a certain height like while climbing the mountains, you can reduce it with maca. Some people have chronic mountain sickness that irritates them but maca can lower it down. This was tested on 197 adults who showed a great difference.

It Enhances Cognitive Function

Maca is also good for the brain because it helps us focus on our tasks. You can have it as a supplement or tea, the way you like. The improved cognitive function will also enhance your capability to handle the daily tasks.

Helps Reduce Prostate

Maca can reduce the enlarged prostate, a common disease in men. Maca was tested on animals, like red maca that reduced testosterone, eventual the prostate size reduced.

Maca Has Antioxidants

It can protect your skin from UV rays, especially the black, yellow, and red maca. It was tested on rats’ skin and protected them from sunburn due to its antioxidant qualities.

Is Maca Always Healthy?

Though we cannot deny the health benefits of maca, it has some side-effects, like raw maca is not so useful than boiled maca. Some studies reported liver damage due to excessive and raw maca. The high dose may also result in mood swings, stomach cramps, and changes in menstrual cycles.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

How to Have Maca?

You can have it as a supplement or powder, as pills, as flour, or the extract. It is available in both raw and dried form. Though raw maca has more nutrients but you cannot digest it easily, so use it in a boiled form to have more benefits.

All maca roots are different in taste like some have a sweet taste some are bitter, and some others have a nutty taste.

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