Cooking Olive Oil in Pakistan

Cooking Olive Oil in Pakistan

Is It Healthy To Have Aliz Olive Oil For Cooking?

Perhaps you think that the only purpose of olive is to garnish your food or use the oil for dressing your salad or pour it on your head to have long black hair.

There are several other uses, including the olive oil for cooking, extra virgin olive oil & pomace olive oil but people often think that cooking with olive oil can become toxic; especially you can roast meat in this oil.

There is no evidence that olive oil is bad for high heat cooking. We often believe certain myths and start following it blindly.

According to Rebecca Blake, who is the director of clinical nutrition in New York City, there is no proof that olive oil is bad for high heat cooking Buy Online Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking in Pakistan

Many other sources also prove that Olive Oil is resistant to heat more than oils like sunflower, soybean, or corn oil.

Most of the oils when over-heated become toxic because they destroy the nutrients, making the food harmful.

On the other hand, olive oil has a high amount of antioxidant content, so it remains safe while cooking.

You can even lose weight by frying in olive oil; still, you need to know which type of olive oil is suitable for cooking.

Which olive oil is ideal?

Some people think that only extra virgin oil is good for cooking, but you can use other types as well.

Every kind of olive oil has its flavor and smoke point, like the extra virgin oil, is pleasant in taste, so people use it for garnishing and sautéing. Those who love a mild flavor should have virgin olive oil, and you can use it for pan frying.

The choice of olive oil for cooking also depends on which taste you prefer. Some people find olives bitter, so they prefer a mild taste.

The pure olive oil is also conventional that people use while baking, frying, or for roasting the turkey, chicken, or beef, etc. Light olive oil is also available in the market, but that is unhealthy because it lacks the right nutrients that the olives possess.

Which Smoke Point to Prefer?

You must also know the temperature of each type of olive oil at which the olive oil breaks down, and it is known as the smoke point.

The smoke point of extra virgin oil is from 375 to 405°F, 390°F for fresh oil, 410°F for pure olive oil, and  470°F for light crude. Though the smoke point is not dangerous, it reduces the nutrients of oil, making it less healthy.

When to Avoid Olive Oil?

Olive oil for cooking is good, but sometimes you need to avoid it, like when it has fewer nutrients, so only use a healthy type.

If you use it for dressing, make sure to have a certain quantity because an excessive amount can make the dressing tasteless because the oil has a particular smell.

But, there are some oils which don’t have a strong smell because the company removes it while processing.

The cost of olive oil also depends on the type, like extra virgin olive oil is costly because it is the best. There is no harm paying more for good oil but don’t do it for unhealthy fats.

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