A Delicious Scoop of Love from Letters to Juliet: The Tuscan Bruschetta Recipe

A Delicious Scoop of Love from Letters to Juliet: The Tuscan Bruschetta Recipe

Do you remember the exotic slice of the Tuscan Bruschetta bread baked by the comely looking Italian grandmother in the romantic movie Letters to Juliet? The delicious waft of the mouthwatering slice of freshly baked bread that made the fervent, young chef, Viktor, played by the talented Gael Garcia Bernal, go all nuts as he sniffed it and munched it delightfully! I have always daydreamt about rambling the grainy, cobblestoned streets of the quaint capital city of love, Verona, a city that painted itself in the quixotic hues of eternal love and patronizing sacrifice, as illustrated by the legendary Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet.


 I have always yearned to visit Italy, lurking deep into beguiling dales of Verona, the beautiful, poetic city of the most ill-starred lovers, unfurling the doomed chronicles of love and walking past the meandering lovelorn lanes that wind mesmerizingly into the heart of Juliet’s enchanting courtyard someday. In my dreams, I often aspire to find the nurturing cadre of the agony letters addressed to Juliet and discover a wrinkled old letter like Sophie! Indeed, love is truly a malady!  


There I would stand, with eyes closed, respiring the brewing magic of the fabled city of love, Verona. I have often browsed a lot of famous food websites, till I stumbled upon this wonderful Italian recipe and ever since I discovered it, I often make it during my lazy Susan days, when I just wish to bake using the simplest ingredients from my pantry. It is one of the easiest meals to prepare, and while I bake it dreamily, I tenderly make it with an utmost degree of fondness, enlaced in the reverie of visiting the idyllic Italian countryside once in my lifetime.



  • A fine slice of bread
  • Quartered tomatoes
  • A peeled raw garlic clove, cut in half
  • Torn basil leaves, preferably fresh
  • Kosher salt or sea salt
  • Kisan cooking oil



Put the slices of bread in a grilled pan and keep cooking them until they are significantly hot, and beginning to turn a crispy golden hue. Remove the crispy golden bread from the pan and put it on a wooden serving dish alongside sliced tomatoes, peeled clove of garlic, fresh basil leaves, kosher or sea salt and Kisan oil. I always prefer to use Kisan cooking oil, due to the subtly succulent flavor it imparts to the food.

Anyone who desires to eat this scrumptiously baked bread must be instructed to rub and buff the toasted bread with the clove of garlic and trickle the bread with Kisan cooking oil. After this, each person is supposed to take a quarter of sliced tomato and crunch it onto the bread, basically crushing the tomato onto the surface of the wondrous Italian bread. Season it, using a pinch of salt and a few bits of chopped basil leaves for a marvelous aroma!

Then again, chop the tomatoes into a small bowl, and sprinkle them slightly with the Kisan cooking oil and the fresh basil leaves. For a second time, toast the bread and rub a clove of garlic on it.

 Drizzle the toast with Kisan cooking oil and then load the chopped quarter tomatoes on top of the delectable bread. Season with salt, as per taste.

 I always use an elegant Italian serve ware, made out of finely imitated wood to serve the Tuscan Bruschetta bread and I hope you would certainly try it, as you pretend to flutter away yourself, free, like a unfettered bird, ambling imaginarily into the angelic, faraway dells of Verona like me!

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