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"Sabor de Oro: Taste of Gold"

pomace oil
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Aliz Pomace Olive Oil 2 Liters

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 Pomace Olive Oil 

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  • Olive Oil for Skin

  • 100% Pure Olive Oil


 What is Pomace Olive oil?

Same like other olive oil, Pomace oil is extracted from olive tree but it is collected from remaining oil in the olive pulp. It is less in flavor and can be easily used in making different recipes.

Although, it is collected from remaining oil in the olive pulp but it does not mean, it is not good for health.

There are many brands in the market who is offering a jar of pomace olive oil but if you don’t want to compromise with your health then prefer Aliz pomace oil.

The Aliz foods produced Pomace oil through sustainable extraction process of alperujo. That is why Aliz pomace Oil has 80 % monounsaturated fatty acid.

Benefits of Pomace Olive oil:

  • Consumption of Pomace oil clean arteries
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Best oil for cooking.