Are you not eating Cashew nut, then read these amazing Kaju benefits

Are you not eating Cashew nut, then read these amazing Kaju benefits

Cashew is one of the best nutrient nuts, which has countless nutrients properties. These nutrients are best for lowering cholesterol levels and also for improving weight loss. Here is the list of nutrients best for your daily consumption. Not only that, cashew is one of the main ingredients to add richness in dishes. Kaju benefits show that cashew has many vitamins and minerals; this dried fruit discarded in the past but now considered as one of the best fruit to purchase that you can get from market.

Origin and Cultivation of Cashew:

Many countries were producing Kaju in massive amounts. They produced Kaju's in best chief areas such as Kenya, Vietnam, tropical America from Peru to Mexico and Brazil, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, and in hilly areas.

Uses of Cashew:

Cashew has countless benefits; you can take these benefits by only consuming it as a nut or creating many dishes through it. Although cashew has its roots in Brazil, and it also grows well in Indian soil. Indians use them in gravy to add richness in the dish, they use it to enhance the aroma of dishes by adding roasted cashew apart, from the dishes. Kaju has its importance as a nut because it provides countless benefits to health.

Cashew nuts Nutrients:

Cashew (Kaju) is one of the leading nut full of Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and antioxidants that are best for promoting health.

These health benefits are best for controlling high cholesterol, heart disease issues, stokes, and weight loss issues. Cashew has been used for cashew milk, cashew-based cream sauces, etc. Before we discuss benefits, it is best to consult first about nutrition.

Cashew nuts Nutrients

Cashew is considered to be a powerhouse of nutrition. If we discuss the nutritional value of 100grams of cashew. It contains 8.56g carbohydrates, 157 cashew nuts calories, and 1.68g of sugar. If you consume a serving of Kaju.  It will 18 pieces. What other nutrients you will get through it are magnesium, phosphorous, iron, and selenium. Kaju also contains B6 in it and high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Cashew nuts benefits:

Mentioned below are the best cashew nut health benefits, such as weight loss, cholesterol, and resolve skin issues.

Prevent you from heart disease:

Kaju has fat content compared to other dry fruits nuts. In Kaju, there is oleic acid, and it is very beneficial to cure heart issues. The daily consumption of cashew makes sure that your heart is in good condition. The element of antioxidants prevents your heart from disease. Blood pressure is one of the causes of heart issues. Kaju helps a lot in controlling blood pressure. The omega_3 in Kaju prevents it from cardiac arrhythmia.

Protect from cancer cell:

Another significant cashew nuts benefits .they prevent and protect human beings with cancer. It has proanthocyanidins that can help you fight against tumor cells. Not only that, but it also contains copper content.

Rich source of Antioxidants:

Kaju is a rich source of antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins E. Kaju boosts immunity and stops free radicals' oxidation. The zinc in cashew helps the human body in fighting against infections. Kaju can also prevent the human body in building liver cancer cells.

Relax nerve and blood vessels:

Another significant benefit of healthy nerves is that it relaxes blood vessels and nerve. It does this by getting stored in the nerves, muscles, and blood pressure. Cashew contains a high magnesium level, which contacts the nerves, causing high blood pressure, and protecting the brain from migraines and other issues.

Promote brain functioning:

Cashew is the worth mentioning nut that is used to promote brain functioning. Kaju has a high copper level, regulating enzyme activation, hormone production, and proper brain functioning. It will also improve the blood supply in the brain by enhancing red blood cells.

The increase of oxygen in the blood and improve brain memory and working. It has polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats increase the number of brain cells. It also prevents depression, neurological disorders, and fatigue.

Get shiny and healthy skin:

To make skin shiny and make hair healthy, cashew has copper, which is essential for many enzymes. It protects the skin from dermatitis. Iron in cashew eliminates free radicals, which are helpful for the maintenance of the skin. Cashew will make your skin wrinkle-free and make your skin shiny and glow.

Strong gum and teeth:

Another significant benefit of cashew is that it is suitable for gums and teeth. Magnesium in Kaju makes it strong and also prevents it from tooth and cavities.

Resolve digestion issue:

There are thousands of people suffering from digestion issues, and if you are the one who is suffering from these issues, you can quickly solve this issue through the consumption of cashew. It builds your stomach healthy and increases the metabolism of your body.

Make vision healthy:

Cashew can help you make your vision healthy; cashew has zeaxanthin, which is easily absorbed in the eyes. It protects the eyes from UV rays radiation. This ensures that its effects last long which in old age, you will not get eye problems,

 Cashew Nuts For Pregnant Women

 Pregnancy is one of the critical periods for women. Women need nutrients in bulk to fulfill the requirement of the human body. The consumption of cashew works like the best snacks for women. It helps in maintaining weight and fight against pregnancy issues. It controls the iron content in the blood and keeps stretch marks at bay if you have a handful of nuts every day.

Cashew Nuts For Pregnant Women


Weight loss:

Eating a variety of nuts is best for weight loss. Trails showed that food regimens that include nut consumption in moderation are best for weight loss. Researchers show that cashew nuts give a sense of fullness, improving metabolism and helping get healthy body weight.

How much cashew is beneficial to consume per day?

Generally, a hand full of cashew is enough to meet the daily consumptions requirement. Cashews are whole of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients compounds. So, eating a handful of cashews would be enough to improve cholesterol and heart health .help in watching weight and make your bones strong.

Source of Dietary fiber:

According to different research studies, cashew has a significant percentage of dietary fibers. Our body requires two types of fibers, such as Oleic acid and palmitic acid. Our body does not reduce these two fibers. We need to consume it externally to fulfill our body requirements. Cashew nuts are the best source of these fibers. Dietary fibers.

Cashew nuts price in Pakistan:

Kaju Price in Pakistan varies according to different brands. All you need to select the best brand that will give 100 percent quality products for health. Aliz is one of the best brands in Pakistan which are producing the best quality for their customers. We, as a team, know the worth of our customer's health. That’s is why. We bring crunchy quality cashew for our customers.

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